Side View Mirror

These custom-designed silhouette mirrors are modern day heirlooms in the making.

The silhouette shape is personally crafted from your profile, and then cut from lightweight, shatterproof acrylic mirror. The Side View mirrors make a fantastic wedding, anniversary or birthday present.
The particular eyes and nose of the silhouette are important, of course. But there are other details that can make your mirror special. In this case, a signature unruly ponytail is an interesting, personalized detail. The Side View mirror is a wonderful way to document changes over time. Imagine a family's growth chart... in mirrors! This baby's signed up for an annual Side View mirror (I know because she's mine). As a grouping, the mirrors are sweet and practical. What better way to display and immortalize your family portrait?

They come in two sizes: large and small (roughly 15 inches vs. 7 inches). I plan to amass a wall of friend and family for my collection.

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Carve Card

I thought it would be cool to make personalized wooden Valentine's Day cards that looked like you'd carved your initials into a tree, with a heart and an arow through it (and TLA = True Love Forever at the bottom). I wasn't sure how it would work until I parsed it out with design dynamo, Drus Dryden. He worked out the materials and details, tightened the idea into a postcard format, and presented it to SUCK UK.

They bought our idea and the Carve Card can now be found wherever Suck UK products are sold!
I thought the card should be packaged in a way that made the carving-a-love-note-into-a-tree connection obvious (like, packaging it in a tree bark-printed sleeve, with a circular cut out to show the wooden card). But, SUCK UK went in their own direction which is more their aesthetic.

I'm really happy this made it out into the world! It is my first product idea that has made it to market.

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Menorah? MEN-orah!

Each of the figures represents a different type - a different man for each of the 8 nights of Chanukkah - (here: the Dude, the Metrosexual, the Philosophy Student, the Advertising Guy, the Religious Convert (who is also the Shamus candle which lights the others), the Hipster, the Older Man, the Businessman and the Musician. Hot hot hot!

Hand-crafted in white clay, silkscreened in ceramics glaze and fired for durability.
Each MEN-orah in the series has a different order and cross-section of men (others include: the Hippie, the Thug, the Bike Messenger...)

Next up: the Meno-RAH RAH-RAH! (a girl/cheerleader version)

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Man Candles

Originally, the MEN-orah was going to be made of individual figures, so you could mix and match your own MEN-orah grouping.

But, I like these better as their own entities: for those who don't celebrate Chanukah and for general year-round use.

KnollTextiles Notecards

This gift card set uses artwork from vintage KnollTextiles advertisements.


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